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  • Great service, fast response, good prices19 Nov 2017
  • D3Sky is the only source to consider when looking for help in Diablo 3. I have used them for all of my needs from seasonal power leveling to have them gear an entire ancient character for me.. in 2 days! They are unparalleled and their support staff is great, there is always somebody free to answer your q...04 Sep 2017
  • Used Again almost instant. Very good service. Even got a primal out of it :)16 Aug 2017
  • Truly excellent service. They started with me almost immediately and the entire process was just about flawless from beginning to end.06 Aug 2017
  • Just got boosted in seasons, the guy did alot more than just boosted, some paragons, and vault.. Love it :)04 Aug 2017
  • They are extremely fast, efficient, friendly and above all else give it 110%. I have used them multiple times now with great success :)01 Aug 2017
  • The service was super fast! Will buy here again :)31 Jul 2017
  • Excellent work! Responsibly, quickly and very qualitatively. I recommend, the best as the given services!29 Jul 2017
  • Excellent service as always. I have more time to have fun than spend it grinding.29 Jul 2017
  • They give you a 110% as usual. A excellent group. You get more than you paid for. They are awesome.25 Jul 2017

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Falcon's Wings 1-2 Days $ 70

1. We log in your account to farm

2. ETA: 1-2 Days

Cosmic Wings 30-60 Days $ 2000

1. We need to log on your account to farm.

2. All items we farm during the period will be kept for you. 

3. Since we farm by hand, cannot guarantee the ETA, will farm until you get the wing.

Necromancer's Tragoul Wings 1-2 Days $ 70

1. We need to log on your account

2. You need to have 4 sets of Necromancer

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