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  • Great service I will use again18 Dec 2014
  • Wow!!!! Ordered 100k Wow gold and it took 10 mins for delivery. That's ultra fast !!!!16 Dec 2014
  • WoW. Seriously great service. Fast efficient and what I paid for. Thank you. Two thumbs up.12 Dec 2014
  • First time ordering on the site and I'm sold! Bought some gear upgrades and they went way above and beyond what I paid for with their services. I'll be back!09 Dec 2014
  • Holy crap, that went fast. They said levelling would take up to 16 hours, and finished in 3. No doubt I'll remain a customer :)29 Nov 2014
  • This guys is really good! REALLY GOOD!! They get the job done very fast! Really recommended.10 Nov 2014
  • Great job good dialog and cuz of they use more time than expected (techinal issues and maintance on B,net server)they give me 3 extra para lvl 382-385, my 5th order and not my last30 Oct 2014
  • I've been a long time member and made several large orders. The customer service here is beyond exceptional. Especially Zhou. Always very professional and kind. This is a real service, boys and girls. They are very good at what they do. Thumbs up!30 Oct 2014
  • This guys is really good! REALLY GOOD!! They get the job done very fast! Really recommended. Two big thumbs up! I don't know what to say anymore..EXCELLENT!!!25 Oct 2014
  • Great website 1-70 in less than 16hrs. Very nice and friendly. Will use again and recommend to others. Thanks guys and great job.18 Oct 2014

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At D3sky you’ll get ultimate security and assurance that your delivery will be completely safe and We guarantee gold face to face delivery method 100% safe. Moreover D3sky provides very secure payment process through the most popular PayPal, Money Bookers, Google Checkout, Money Order and Wire Transfer.

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