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  • Super Service =) I'm very happy i hope to call you again !18 Sep 2014
  • Ordered 1-70 powerleveling and got all that, about 9 legendaries and, 5m gold and 12 Paragon levels. Highly recommend.09 Sep 2014
  • Great service . Order items and they deliver faster than expect . And i got to keep all the extra legs06 Sep 2014
  • This is the cheapest, and best Power Leveling Service on the World! I love D3Sky so much for this wow prices and fast work04 Sep 2014
  • got them to power level my character and they delivered really quickly! cheers!03 Sep 2014
  • Bought an SOH from them, and it was an excellent service. Gained more than 80 paragon levels on the process. Good job.28 Aug 2014
  • It worked for me. I sent the jing, and in less than 3 minutes had an email telling me their system was in maintenance and could I try to log into the game in 8 hours. I agreed. Three hours later I had an email telling me they were up and could I log in. I couldn't, but when I got back to the house I went...27 Aug 2014
  • Reading this sounds like a bunch of generated feedback from random EMPLOYEES of theirs. BUT honestly speaking these guys did a good job on powerleveling. Ordering some heavy money paragon leveling and see how it turns out. Hope they do good23 Aug 2014
  • Thank u guys u did great work! See u soon again!22 Aug 2014
  • very fast delivery ordered gold recived it within 15 minutes, Top marks22 Aug 2014

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At D3sky you’ll get ultimate security and assurance that your delivery will be completely safe and We guarantee gold face to face delivery method 100% safe. Moreover D3sky provides very secure payment process through the most popular PayPal, Money Bookers, Google Checkout, Money Order and Wire Transfer.

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