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  • Bought paragon leveling from 27 to 300. Was done very quickly, within two days. At the end of it I had almost 400 million gold, which was about 350+ mil more than I had, loads of legendaries and set items, as well as well geared character. Deffo would recommend.13 Nov 2015
  • Wow, this was a great deal!! I paid for 1500 death's breaths and I got SO MUCH MORE! I had like 1600 death breaths, a TON of ancient items in my stash, gained like 80 paragon levels, these guys were GREAT! 5 Stars, highly recommend, will definitely use this service again!12 Nov 2015
  • Ive used your service several times and love it. Very good price for level 1-70, i like how the power leveler always says "thanks" and "please"10 Nov 2015
  • Very good service, Live chat is friendly and responsive. Speed of delivery/contact was fantastic, especially for non-US timezones.09 Nov 2015
  • Extremely professionals and flexible. Everything is done to accommodate the buyer. The players are top pro, keeping only the best items, managing your stash and you always get extras on top of what you ordered. Great and fast service, low price, friendly and effective support on live chat. Don't worry abo...04 Nov 2015
  • Made another order of 500 blood shards, cheap and very friendly :)19 Oct 2015
  • very fast and secure, i ordered the 500 blood shards for $3 and they got me 660 (my cap at the moment) they also kept any legendaries and put it in my storage chest/inventory18 Oct 2015
  • I've ordered Death's Breath more than once from here, it goes wonderfully. I order it before I go to work, when I come home, they're often done already. I hate stopping GRifting just to go fetch the DB I need for enchanting. This way, everyone's happy, and at a reasonable price.13 Oct 2015
  • Very nice, effective and professionnal service! Thank you guys!12 Oct 2015
  • Very nice, keep it up! ;)05 Oct 2015

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