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  • Great service and very fast. Thanks24 May 2015
  • I was hesitant to purchase from d3sky but I went ahead and ordered the T4-T6 set along with a few T6 assists. They are outstanding! Seriously, character has 4 items I was expecting to have to pay to get. Also have a few ancient weapons and a Furnace! Buy with confidence.24 May 2015
  • I've placed a few orders today and wanted to leave positive feedback for ADWADA - he leveled me without any problems and was very helpful and kind! I definitely will recommend to my friends! Thanks again!20 May 2015
  • This will be my 3rd order from, first I purchased a quick powerlevel from 12 to 43, just to test the service. Within an hour they had me at paragon 25, far past what I paid for. Next, I paid for a "Crush T4" boost which was completed ahead of time and when I tested the character,...17 May 2015
  • Can anyone verify that this service is legit?17 May 2015
  • Second time I ordered something from them, second time I'm fully satisfied by their fast and expert service. very fast replies and Lgem levelling. I'll surely count on them again in the future ;)14 May 2015
  • They are really, really helpful and nice! If you need anything you can always count on them, no one else can do it better! Thanks, guys :')13 May 2015
  • i ordered 3 assist 1 seasonal 1 hour fist for test purposes, it was fun and nice. then i ordered same for 3 hours. friendly players and support in chat was friendly too. 3 hours = 300 forgotten souls ;-) and about 5 or 6 useful legendaries .... i will come back again09 May 2015
  • Ordered powerleveling and paragon leveling. finished 1-70 in less than an hour and now they're already working on paragon levels. Can't wait to see the finished product!! Would recommend this site to anyone looking for a great d3 powerleveling service!05 May 2015
  • I ordered powerlevelling service,decent amount of xp was at stake.They did it pretty fast.I'm satisfied with what i got.Definitely would use it again.25 Apr 2015

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