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  • I've used services from these guys quite a few times from buying Gold to farming rift stones to farming legendary packs, and they have been awesome every single time. Superb service (really cannot be more impressed with this one), highly efficient, often doing more than requested. Recently while ID-in...29 Jul 2014
  • The service was outstanding. There was no hesitation and they were on it straight away. I purchased the 210 legendary set and they did a whole lot more than that. My build was improved and they also increased 125 paragon levels! Thank you D3 I am on my way to purchase more now :D27 Jul 2014
  • Got full 6 pcs. set from leg * 200. D3Sky is the best!!!26 Jul 2014
  • this service is sooo good, was abit hesitant about giving my account information to do levelling and legendary find but its all legit and they gave me exactly what I wanted, very good customer service, definitely doing this again =) with work and other commitments I don't have time to farm but this made ...23 Jul 2014
  • Many thx for the well done paragon-leveling from 25 - 100. And you even did more: i reaches lvl 118. Great work. Also many unidented legs you collected for me. Thanks very much; will use it again ;)21 Jul 2014
  • Very satisfied with the deal! In less than 24 hours, item has arrived. Thanks! Keep up the good work and business bros21 Jul 2014
  • In the past I made a large gold purchase with them, and I have just ordered a large legendary pack from them. The service is awesome and I am sure I will continue to use it! Thanks guys :)18 Jul 2014
  • Good service and good prices. I can recommend it to everyone.18 Jul 2014
  • ordered the 210 random legendaries and they did a great job. they not only got my legendaries within 3 days but they also got me about 25 paragon levels and 180m gold to boot. on top of that they picked up a slew of gems and rare crafting materials (literally thousands of rare crafting materials) I would pers...17 Jul 2014
  • Just purchased legendary items * 210 and I couldn't be happier! Not only did I receive 3 pages and an invent of legendaries, but I also have 700+ of each gem, an extra 70 million gold and gained about 100 paragon levels and 2000 Reusable parts and 2000 arcane dust. I love you D3Sky you are the BEST!17 Jul 2014

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